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Radglo RPC-F

Radiant Color introduced some years ago the Radglo RPC-series for plastics coloring. This is still the high tech standard in respect to tinctorial strength, temperature resistance and plate-out behaviour; however, in the meantime a real amazing break-through has been realized by the launch of a series of fluorescent plastic pigments that complies under stringent conditions with the European requirements in respect to packaging materials coming into contact with food.

This new Radglo RPCF-series has been most recently marketed and already very short after introduction it became clear that this product range creates substantial new color opportunities for plastics packaging.

Radglo RPCF-series exposes to the industry a number of 3 pigments (Chartreuse RPCF-10, Orange-Red RPCF-14 and Magenta RPCF-18) that offer excellent heat stability, optimal non-plating performance and flashy colors that allow the use in many plastics processing activities: extrusion, injection, (blow) molding and film blowing.

Radglo RPCF-series require a minimal processing temperature of 160-170°C to get completely melted in the polymer. For short impact, heat stability goes up to 280°C. For full compliance with the European safety requirements the maximum allowed loading in the end product is 1.0% in LDPE, HDPE or PP.

Moreover within the framework of increasing pressure on ecological and health aspects the currently most appropriate dyes have been incorporated. Basically the 3 pigment grades may be mixed together or with food contact approved nonfluorescent pigments to prepare intermediate colors. Color creativity in food contact applications will have no limit.


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