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Your partner in colors and resins


General Management

  Frank Rutten
+32 11 520740  


  Patrick Cheval
Finance Manager
+32 11 520744
     Patrizia Vigna
Finance Officer 
+32 11 520740


  Jan Van Speybroeck
Director Sales
+32 11 520769
  Hubrecht Peeters 
Area Sales Manager +32 11 520764

  Erik Bovens
Area Sales Manager   
+32 11 520767
    Olivier Frederix
Area Sales Manager
+32 11 520755

Chantal Zwerts 
Customer Service Officer +32 11 520763
    Inge Schols
Customer Service Officer
+32 11 520762

  Jolanda Kemps
Customer Service Officer +32 11 520760
Keith C.W. Hui
Asia Pacific Business Development Manager 
Area: China, Korea, Taiwan, HK

 Rex Law
Asia Pacific Marketing Manager
Area: SE Asia, HK, China


Olivier Frederix 
Marketing Manager
+32 11 520755


  Everard Nys
Director Manufacturing & Operations
+32 11 520750

Research & Development

  Dr. Ingrid Pollers
Director Research&Development
+32 11 520752

EnvironmENT, Health & Safety

Miranda Sidarow
Regulatory Affairs & Environment Manager
+32 11 520766


Michiel Simons
Production Planner - Safety Engineer


  Robby Ballet
Logistics Supervisor
+32 11 520749

Quality control

  Stefan Detremmerie
QC Manager
+32 11 520753


  Carine Haesen
Procurement Officer
+32 11 520743


  Peggy Boelanders
HR Manager
+32 11 520751


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